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The Computer Science and Information Engineering department introduces
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  The Computer Science and Information Engineering department introduces  

The Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE) department introductions:

1.Education Objectives

The CSIE department shapes students to gain empirical capabilities, observe technology trends, and be able to continuously acquire innovative information. That is to comply with the government’s economy development policy of information related industries.

A series of software engineering, embedded systems, networking, database systems, multimedia, management information systems, integrated circuits and systems, optoelectronics curriculums are designed in addition to CSIE’s basis courses. Besides fundamental theories, we emphasize practical applications. Students experience problem based learning scenario. Further besides classroom and lab learning, we stress industry-connected seminars and activities to equip students with employment competitiveness after graduation.

2. Development characteristic

Together with Information Management and Electronics Engineering departments, the CSIE department extends its curriculum to enclose the hardware, software, IC, business management, embedded systems, and wide area networks.

Being geographically close to the HsinChu Science-Industrial Park, The HsinChu Industry park, ITRI, we have many opportunities to jointly work with industry projects in which students may gather applicable experience.

Acquirement of professional certification, such as MCSE, MCP, CCNA, CCNP, LPI, RHCE, and SCJP, is enforced and highly encouraged. 

CSIE has one professor, five associate professors, seven assistant professors, and 5 lecturers, with abundant industry experiences from the HsinChu Science-Industrial Park, ITRI, and other noted institutions. 

The MUST deployed campus Wifi access, eCampus e-learning system, and academic affair mechanisms to encourage students to fully utilize campus resources to promote learning effectiveness.

Curriculum plan

Specialized foundations and general education are deployed in under graduate curriculums. The general education emphasizes on humanities, languages, mathematics, and foundation cultivations.

Specialized curriculums are designed for CSIE’s objectives and characteristics. In addition to Ministry of Education’s standard common courses, CSIE has specialized foundations, computer programming, software engineering, embedded systems, network engineering, multimedia, database systems, information management, and professional certification courses.

Department vision and missions:

Boost healthy personality that balances professions and humanities. Aim at the global marketplaces from the base of Minghsin University of Science and Technology.
Incubate IT professionals. Enforce professional certificates for everyone to gain employment competitiveness.
Equal attentions to teaching and research. Perform solid fundamental trainings, continues innovative research and development to maintain knowledge economy superiority.
Official evaluation ranking is among the best. With outstanding faculty and students, unceasingly promotes the learning environment.





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