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Campus and Academic Programs

   MUST campus is situated in northern part of Taiwan, Hsinchu County, covering a complex of thirty-three acres overlooking Hsinchu City. The excellent facilities create an ideal learning and recreational environment. Being close to Hsinchu Industrial Area and the renowned Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, MUST has built up strong relationship with various industrial partners. Not only do our graduates gain better employment opportunities, both faculty and students often work on internship program offered by companies and manufacturers. MUST Research teams frequently participate joint projects with companies from industrial centers nearby to develop innovative ideas. Faculty members and students enjoy the experience of implementing theory into practice on daily bases.

    The academic programs are offered through College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Service Industries, and Division of General Education. In addition, the library, Computer Center, Office of Research and Development, Office of International Affairs, and Center for Studies in Public Polices and Affairs boost the university’s educational quality. Our faculty members and students alike actively pursue the goals of a holistic education. Through a commitment to life-long learning, MUST has built an academic community in which the spirit of Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology is made real and extending into the lives of our students and their families.


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Campus and Academic Programs
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Address: No.1, Xinxing Rd., Xinfeng Hsinchu 30401, Taiwan(R.O.C)  Tel:886-3-559-3142 Fax:886-3-559-5142
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