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Research and Development

   Office of Research & Development is the university agency to connect with government, industries, and community for university development, research, intellectual reinforcement, continuing education, career development and alumni services. These tasks are divided into four subdivisions that are University Planning Center (UPC), Research & Technology Promotion Center (RTPC), Extension Education Center (EEC), and Career & Alumni Services Center (CASC).
 University Planning Center (UPC) is an agency for submitting grant proposals and accepting grant awards for the university’s integrated and strategic project and development. The office drafts and plans the mid- to long-term development of the university, and administers the external supports (such as grants and founding from the Ministry of Education) to academics. It is also responsible for integration of supports and establishing the valuable characteristics of the school.

   Research & Technology Promotion Center (RTP) assist faculty member on academic and technical advancement for educational purpose and economical development. It is an agency for submitting grant proposals and accepting grant awards as well as focusing on individual research, group projects and other scholarly activities (such as faculty member training, seminars and conference). In addition, technology transfer and intellectual property management activities are also provided through this office. The tasks of RTP are (l) to correspond external research sponsor and internal resources to administer the internal grants for research programs. (2) to support the research and project activities and promote the research outcomes. (3) to establish the partnership with external resources in technology and business aspect. (4) to connect and promote university services to business (such as technology research & transfer, employee training, technical consulting, testing, professional workforce, programmed student internship etc) and to establish the partnership with business and industries on profit or educational purpose. (5) to evaluate, promote, protect, market, license, negotiate and maintain inventions and other intellectual property and technical services.

  Extension Education Center (EEC) is an agency to coordinate and promote the occupational training supports and resources from government, industries, and school to provide opportunities of continuing education, job training and life-long learning. The mission of the center is to establish the learning programs that meet the needs of business and community. Extension Education Center features variety of programs including: (1) certified professional training and refreshing programs. (2) adult learning curriculums in public or community interests. (3) accredited transfer curriculums tailored On Site Training program with associate diploma for partnered business. (4) Youth camp and curriculum for community. The categories of courses include: Occupational Classes, Foreign Language, Computers, Electronics, Literature, Civil Engineering, Homemaking, General Education, Physical Activities, Music, Fine arts and Crafts, Classes for children, Health Care, Dance, and Real Estate.

  Career & Alumni Services Center (CASC) takes on the services of information, communication, interaction and connection between students, alumni and employers. In addition of the university, it also represents and associate with Northern Regional Career Resource Center of R.O.C National Youth Commission to promote northern Taiwan job resources and career activities. The services of this office include: (1) job opportunity information, (2) career and job consulting, such as career analysis and planning, occupational training, and job seeking consulting (3) job seeking and recruiting activities such as job fair, individualize recruiting career development camp and conference (4) certified technical tests information and assistant (5) Alumni association coordination (6) Distinguish Alumni award (6) Alumni events and activities arrangement such as information, camps, travel programs, and conference.



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