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International Students

   It is our great pleasure to welcome each of you as a member of MUST family. To prepare you for the internationalization and economic liberalization, Minghsin University of Science and Technology has established the professional courses and counseling system to provide foreign students with a global view and prepare to take on the new challenges of the 21st century.

   Minghsin University of Science and Technology has 42 years of history and enjoys a great educational reputation. It has become an accredited university with 4 colleges, 9 graduate schools, and 18 departments. The campus currently has approximately 16,000 students and more than 70,000 influential alumni worldwide.

   So far, we have more than 50 affiliated schools within 10 countries worldwide for academic and research collaboration, and the number is still growing. Recruiting talented foreign students from all over the world is also one of our main educational objective. We truly look forward to having you join us here in Minghsin University. We are sure that you will enjoy your study in this big family. If you need more detailed information, please connect your link to the website of Office of International Affairs at http://admin.must.edu.tw/english/02_about.aspx?UnitID=20202, you may find more campus information, or application process and document.
Thank you and our best regards for your future success.

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International Students
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